How It Works

Whether you’re buying, selling or renting, you can make the most educated and up-to-date real estate decision using our instant pricing tool.

Buyers and Sellers – Take the stress out of determining whether a property is priced right. MarketScore uses historical, current and forward-looking information to value real estate. Our algorithm looks at numerous variables, such as interest rate projections, economic factors and regional statistics to determine long term investment potential. A score from zero to 100 is used to assess whether a residential property is priced right – known as a Market Score®. A Market Score® of 50 is considered a fair price.

Renters – We consider price, location and vacancy rates among other factors when pricing rental units and assigning them a score between zero and 100 – known as a Rent Score®. A Rent Score® of 50 is considered a fair monthly rental amount.

We have created the following categories to help you assess our results:

90-100  |  Highly Underpriced
70-89    |  Underpriced
50-69    |  Fairly Priced
25-49    |  Overpriced
0-24      |  Highly Overpriced

Official Scores

Our instant pricing tool is easy-to-use, just follow these simple steps:

Enter any address – From the edge of the Yukon to the tip of Newfoundland, from studio apartments to lavish estates, MarketScore has Canada covered.

Input listing price – Buyers and sellers input the price they think a home is worth. If you are looking to rent, make sure you enter the monthly rental amount.

Enter livable square footage – Does this matter? In real estate, you bet it does. So make sure the area you enter is in square feet and not square metres.

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For US listings, please contact us directly to receive a Market Score® or Rent Score®.

Inquire about our other brands: Price Score®, Investment Score®, Value Score® and Growth Score®.